Discussion O' The Good News According to John.

We be startin' a discussion on the Gospel According to that Fine Noble Fisherman, St. John Himself, that Son of Thunder, the Young Gun, etc, etc...

Yer Captain here done found a deal, free versions o' this book from The Pocket Testament League and he finds that with a little modification, they can make mighty handy tools for evangelism...

So, in the cover of each copy I be handing out I've pasted the following thing blurb...

Here are some Questions to Help you get started on your journey, the Answers are found the scripture listed by the question!

Join the Discussion:

1. Why was this book written? John 20:30, 31 Page 52

2. What is one good way to receive God's blessing? John 20:29 Page 51

3. How do we enter the Kingdom of God? John 3:3-5 Page 6.

The Point of the post is to get people in the community involved in a one on one Bible Study in person and online So that we can grow in the kingdom together, now as you answer the questions, post ye a comment or two about what ye think about this here tiny book. From Time to time we'll be updatin' the Discourse and there will be a "permanent Link" in the Sidebar!

We Love you! -ARRRGGGHH!
Captain Lamewad

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G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Greetin's Cap'n
We did yer little study downtown Orlando this last weekend, and it got a good response!!
We talked about how the book was written to help people believe in Jesus and that by believing they would have life in the name of Christ.
I guess I'll start off the discussion with that. What exactly is written in John that we are called to believe?